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Have you ever had a pregnant student walk into your class and had you rethink your entire sequence? Do you ever wonder if your cueing is truly supportive for the prenatal or postpartum mothers in your classes? Do you have a firm understanding of how breath dynamics and certain shapes affect the core and pelvic floor in these populations? Do you feel insecure subbing the prenatal classes at your studio? Even if you don't desire to teach a regular prenatal yoga class, you are sure to encounter mothers in your yoga and fitness classes.

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Radical Wellness is a collaborative of professionals reframing the narrative on how therapy and mental health services are provided. We specialize in remote therapy and coaching for people looking to create real change. We use modern, dynamic approaches to move people through their resistance and into their goals. Aurora works with this team as a behavioral health and embodiment coach, supporting clients in living well in their bodies. For more information about what embodiment coaching is, click here 

Aurora teaches classes at You and the Mat in Laguna Niguel. Her current class schedule includes: Yoga for Energy, Prenatal Yoga, and Yoga for Fitness. You can also continue your practice at home with Aurora by following her Well Aligned Woman page on YouTube. Check the Schedule and Events page for upcoming workshops or special events.



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