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A postpartum workshop bridging the gap between having a baby and returning to exercise.

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Because being overwhelmed and exhausted after having a baby is hard. Because you shouldn't have to figure out how to navigate your postpartum body alone. Because you CAN feel strong and stable after having a baby.


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Benefits of Core RESTORE Postpartum Workshop


Learn how your breathing patterns support your core system


Understand why posture is vital for core stabilization


Gain simple and clear self care tools to build a foundation of support and access to a private online community 

Created for moms

Supporting women in caring for their bodies so they can meet the demands of motherhood.

Features of Core RESTORE

What can you expect from this workshop?

Learn the essential elements to strengthening your core after having a baby


Feel confident in properly engaging your core and pelvic floor to support any exercise routine

Work at your own pace from the comfort of home when you can, because you know... kids

Become an affiliate and make money from home!

Mama, I know money gets tight when you're at home with your kids. I want to help you by offering you a huge percentage for your referrals. Help me share Core RESTORE with other moms who need it and make some money while you do. It's a total win for everyone!

"Aurora has created an excellent program for new mothers. Core RESTORE uses simple and effective techniques to help women stabilize their core AND support their mental health while navigating postpartum life. Many of my patients, not just moms, could utilize these skills to support their life and be well. "

James Allen, DC, CPT
Chiropractic Physician

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