Feel good in your body. 

Somatic and Embodiment Coaching

Behavioral Health Coaching

Behaviors related to your physical health can be challenging to change. Health behaviors such as eating, exercise, cooking, and sleep impact all other areas of our lives. Often, we wait until we are in physical pain or told by a doctor we must make changes to our daily habits, but by then they are so engrained it can feel impossible to make progress in a new direction. 

With her master's degree in psychology and special training in behavior analysis, Aurora can walk with you as you take the necessary steps needed to shift your habits to support your body and your life. Aurora is experienced in creating behavior change plans that work. You can set up a coaching session with Aurora at Radical Wellness. For more information about booking click here.

Somatic and Embodiment Coaching

Do you feel at home in your body? How often do you spend time connecting to it? Do you understand what it is trying to tell you? Our bodies communicate in sensations. It is vital to tune into these sensations in order to create a healthy and loving relationship with your body. Embodiment coaching sessions will leave you with tools and practices to connect you to your body and help you learn the language of sensation. Because we are all unique and ever-changing, we need different things at different times. For this reason, the work is fluid and connected to how you and your body show up in the present moment. Discussion of symptoms or challenges will lead us toward practices supporting you in feeling grounded and embodied in your body. 

Aurora is a Beginning Level Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and works with clients in healing trauma through SE techniques coupled with yoga and pranayama practices. 

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