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To All the Women

Mar 16, 2019

To all the women out there working their butts off trying to do it all: you’re amazing. You are up early and going to bed late. You are juggling a million things, many (let’s be honest, MOST) of which are for people other than yourself. You are expending your energy each day in order to make movement toward something that makes a difference. You are working, you are cooking, you are folding laundry, you are holding other people up, you are driving in traffic, you are cleaning, you are grocery shopping, you are planning, you are parenting, you are balancing your checkbook, you are running errands. The list literally could go on forever.

Ladies, I am writing letter this for you, not to give advice but rather support you on your wild ride called “life”. We all need support and when we are the support for others, it’s hard to remember we don’t need to do it all by ourselves. So read on and let this be a venue where we can share stories,...

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