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The Essential Core

Apr 03, 2019

The term “core” has become quite the buzz word in the fitness industry and as a yoga instructor who specializes in core and pelvic floor work, I think it’s important to clarify the role of the core system as a whole and help reframe the mindset that the goal is to have a six pack by summer. It took me three pregnancies and recoveries to fully understand what to focus on in retraining my core to stabilize and support my frame and what I learned is simple, yet often under emphasized when learning core exercises. The core is an intelligently designed system of muscles that hold you upright and stabilize your body when moving through space. Due to our modern lifestyle of sitting on chairs, in cars, and on couches our core is often relaxed and we develop compensation patterns over time that tell our muscles to turn off, you guys don’t need to work. In order to create new and efficient patterns of movement to create new neuronal pathways and retrain the muscles to...

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Yoga is for Everyone

Mar 16, 2019

Often times, when I tell people I am a yoga instructor I hear something to the effect of, “Oh, I can’t do yoga, I am not flexible enough.” Right. My lighthearted response is usually, “Well, that’s exactly why you should come and take my class.” In fact, I teach a class called: Yoga for Flexibility. You see, nobody is flexible if they don’t actively make the choice to stretch and engage their muscles in a way that will create the desired effect. Sure, you were able to do the splits when you were 12, but now it takes work to fold forward and touch your toes. As our bodies mature, they adapt to the daily movements our lifestyle requires. If you have a long commute to work or sit at a desk the majority of your day, your hip flexors are naturally going to become tight and weak as they are in flexion all day long. Your glutes will become over stretched due to the lack of needing to engage to help hold you upright and your hamstrings will...

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