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Restore your Core
Core Restoration Sessions

Whether you suffer from back pain or are a postpartum mother who wants to return to a sense of stability, chances are you are looking to strengthen your core. This work is not about getting a six pack, but rather building strength from the inside out. Core restoration coaching sessions will teach you several things:

  • What the pelvic floor's role is and how to find balance in the tissues down there

  • Whether you are a reverse breather and why that matters

  • How to breathe well with your whole core container

  • Why posture is vital to core strength and how to find the natural curves of your spine

  • Exercises to build a solid foundation and lead you into doing all the movements you want to enjoy

All core restoration clients will receive Aurora's at home Core RESTORE program to support continuing the practice outside of individual sessions. To book an online session, contact to get set up. 

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