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Want to create lasting change in your life? You need a coach. We ALL need a coach. A coach is simply a guide. Someone who has been down the path you have chosen to take and has all the tools you need to find your way. A coach keeps you on track to actually see the goals you want to meet become a reality. 

When it comes to healing and health, I've had many (MANY) coaches. It has taken me literally over a decade (almost 2) to understand what my body and mind need to feel my best. From my years in therapy, to my years of yoga teacher training, to working through my psychology degrees, and healing my gut, I know exactly what it takes to move from illness to wellness. I want to walk alongside you to root you on as you make brave moves toward a future where you thrive.

I know- there are a million reasons why you can't right now. But I also know there is a little voice inside asking you to lean in to start living your BEST LIFE. What I know is that shifting your everyday habits and spending time caring for your body in a sustainable way will change your life. The truth is you can't afford NOT to begin this journey right now. 

So, take a step and find out more about sessions with me and my team at Radical Wellness look like. We will meet you where you are at (literally anywhere in the world) with online coaching sessions in the mind, body, spirit space to support you in reaching your goals and living your best life.

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Aurora Allen, M.A., RYT-500, is an embodiment and behavioral health coach in Orange County, CA. Aurora is a mom to three small children with her chiropractor husband who practices in Mission Viejo, CA. She began her career with a Master's degree in Psychology and certification in Behavior Analysis. Stepping away from her first career to start a family of her own was a risk but ultimately led her to her passion, teaching yoga and body work.

Because Aurora underwent yoga teacher training while she was pregnant with her first baby, she felt called to share the practice of yoga with other pregnant women as it made such a positive impact in her body and her life. Unfortunately, after giving birth to her first child, Aurora experienced severe pelvic floor pain and sought out medical treatment. The risks of treatment options initially recommended were too high, so began a search for alternative solutions.

Enrolling in advanced yoga teacher training and learning the importance of alignment helped her pain tremendously so she knew there was more she could learn about balancing her body through yoga. She moved forward to study with pelvic floor yoga guru, Leslie Howard, who showed Aurora the necessary tools she would need to begin to heal herself. Through years of dedicated self-study, yoga teacher trainings with some of the world's best yoga instructors, pelvic floor physical therapy, and chiropractic care, Aurora is pain free and feels stronger than ever. 

Through her journey to postpartum health and wellness, Aurora began Well Aligned Woman to inspire mothers to continue find optimal alignment in their body, mind, and spirit. She Core RESTORE to support women in returning to their center mindfully after having a baby. She hopes this slow and simple body work can become the standard of care for new moms who are navigating their own postpartum body for the first time.  It is Aurora's goal to help women bridge the gap between having a baby and returning to a supportive exercise routine. 


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