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Active Restoration Mind + Body Event

Elyse Snipes, LMFT and Aurora Allen, Yoga Instructor and Health Coach from Radical Wellness Collaborative are using conversation and movement to create integrative, restorative experiences. Through the use of mental wellness principles surrounding our painful core experiences, Elyse will help you navigate how to practically understand your emotional pain and how to move through it efficiently. Aurora will combine a yoga sequence to incorprate movement into the conversation using your body to express and release your story. This integrated approach of mind and body allows for a whole-person experience of healing and freedom. Whatever your experience has been as a human being on this earth, we all experience some different levels of hurt, pain and injury. This class is aimed at helping you to untangle those experiences and move through them to functional and good life that is on the other side of this work. Whatever your specific experience has been, you count, your story matters and you are worth the work.

Join us for a night of holistic health and wellness. You can also read more about us here: or find us on instagram @elysesnipes_collective @wellalignedwoman @radicalwellness_co.

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Finding Your Center: Core Workshop

Join Aurora for a workshop dedicated to teaching you how to engage the deepest layers of your core system so you can access them during any exercise routine you love. Get more than just great abs, gain a strong and stable support system for your spine. This workshop will be held at Barre3 in San Clemente.

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Self Care for Moms Workshop

Come fill your cup, Moms. Join Aurora for a two-hour self care workshop. The first hour will be a slow and focused yoga practice intended to connect you to your core and tune in to what your body is craving. The second hour will be a self massage exploration using the yoga tune up therapy balls to release and rebalance bound tissues. Take some time for yourself so you can return to your family feeling restored and refreshed.

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Aurora currently teaches public classes at You and the Mat yoga studio in Laguna Niguel, California. If you'd like to take a class with Aurora join her at one of her classes listed below:

Monday 9 a.m., Yoga for Energy (all levels)

Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 p.m., Prenatal Yoga (all levels)

Aurora also teaches private yoga sessions at Allen Chiropractic in Mission Viejo. If you are interested in private yoga instruction and you are located in the Orange County area, please contact the office at (949) 544-0333 or visit their website

Aurora teaches workshops in the Orange County area. Check back periodically to see new offerings and workshops.


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