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Moving Well and Finding Balance in the Body

While you don’t need to study art to be an artist, and you don’t need an English degree to be a writer, there is a structure, a kind of rhythm that comes with education. A teacher of mine taught me that it’s important to understand the rules before you break them. This makes me consider all the yoga asana trainings I attended, practicing the same shapes over and over with a level of attention and precision that brought about an understanding of my own frame, what it needed, how it worked, and where the edges of my ability in that moment lie. Only because of that foundation built do I now have the ability to break the rules while maintaining a sense of containment, where I don’t go outside the window of tolerance and lose my ability to return. I believe there is also a time and space to unleash the wild, where there are no boundaries and no rules. But the ultimate balancing act is to find that wild and still be able to come back into community and a felt sense of safety and connection with the self and others. The body can be a great teacher in this learning to find balance in our lives.

Have you ever taken the time to consider how to move well in your body? Even if you are an active person, do you feel as though you understand how to support your body in the movement practices you enjoy? Maybe the lack of understanding has taken you away from movement all together. If you have never laid a solid foundation in understanding how to move well, join me for a 6-week online group experience. Movement IS Medicine will teach you how to achieve balance in your tissues and help you to move well in your body while you learn how to listen to what it's trying to tell you. Join us at Radical Wellness by signing up


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