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Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga is a blend of ancient healing practices, designed to expose where imbalances occur and lead you back to union with Self: mind, body and spirit.


Private yoga sessions provide combination of classical yoga asana (physical posture sequences), pranayama (breathing techniques), Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball exercises (myofascial release), and meditation techniques to support you in feeling like a Well Aligned Woman.


The physical practice of yoga will begin with foundational core and pelvic floor work deeply connecting you to your center. From there, we will begin working with movement principles to align your unique body in feeling both stable and free. 

True change is progressive and takes time so packages are offered to those ready to commit to a series of sessions. This practice has the potential to help you feel at home in your body. Each session, you will receive tools and techniques to support your body and ultimately your sense of Self. 

Contact Aurora through the contact page if you are interested in private in person yoga sessions. 

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